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Colorful World

This series below show the power of color.  Bright, sepia, black and white….Varies choices make your space full of uplifting vibes.  You can pick the ones that fit your space the most. This process may be very pleasant. A cozy living room with a high quality print of ancient Chinese ink & color painting. More […]

Create Your Own Soulful Interior with traditional Asian art.

This is a project we completed in 2018. If you are a designer, art lover… who is accustomed to using modern elements to express yourself, why not try some natural elements. Nature affects our health, emotion, and vibrant environments. Nature helps us to keep balance. In interior decoration, its a good idea to integrate the natural elementds into our spaces. Rocks, mountains, trees, bamboo, silk… may offer us a raw and tactile aspect to our otherwise insular lives. Modern homes can be balanced by the timeless beauty of ancient Chinese painting.